Books About Bullying for 3rd-4th Grade

“Bullies are always cowards at heart and may be credited with a pretty safe instinct in scenting their prey.”      Anna Julia Cooper

Bullying.  Elizabeth Raum.  Heineman, 2008.
Clear, concise writing make this title in the Tough Topics series a good one for introducing bullying and how to respond to it.  Questions are well placed to help focus discussion.
Read-aloud 1st-3rd grade

My Secret Bully.  Trudy Ludwig.  Tricycle, 2005.
A girl and her mother problem solve what to do when the girl’s best friend is unkind to her.
Read-aloud 1st-3rd grade

Bully.  Judith Caseley.  Greenwillow, 2001.
While being nice to a bully won’t always be the solution, this story about a friend becoming a bully, offers lots of possibilities for discussion by showing a variety of places and scenarios where bullying can take place.
Read-aloud K-3rd grade

Dragonbreath.  Ursula Vernon.  Dial Books, 2009.
A humorous and wild adventure about Danny Dragonbreath, who can’t yet breathe fire, and a bullying Komodo.  For kids who like the Wimpy Kid books.
3rd-5th grade

Escaping the Giant Wave.  Peg Kehret.  Simon & Schuster, 2003.
When an earthquake causes a tsunami off the Oregon Coast, 13 year old Kyle tries to save himself, his sister and a boy who has bullied him for many years.  Victims of bullies will be cheering for Kyle.
Read-aloud 3rd-5th grade

Hooway for Wodney Wat.  Helen Lester.  Houghton Mifflin, 1999.
Wodney is teased and bullied because he can’t pronounce his r’s.  He finds a clever way to use his impediment to thwart the obnoxious Camilla, making him a hero.
Read-aloud K-3rd grade

How to Be Cool in the Third Grade.  Betsy Duffey.  Puffin Books, 1999.
Robbie decides that “being cool” is the only way to survive bullying.
2nd-3rd grade

Jake Drake, Bully Buster. Andrew Clements.  Simon & Schuster, 2001.
What makes a kid a bully magnet?  That’s been Jake’s experience since preschool.
In 4th grade he has to do a Thanksgiving project with his tormentor.  This leads to mutual respect. Bullies have weaknesses.
Read-aloud 2nd-4th grade

Mr. Lincoln’s Way.  Patricia Polacco.  Philomel, 2001.
Mr. Lincoln, the “coolest” principal, discovers that the school bully knows a lot about birds.  While working together to create a bird sanctuary for the school, Mr. Lincoln discovers what motivates Gene’s bullying.
Read-aloud 2nd-4th grade

The New Girl.  Meg Cabot.  Scholastic, 2008.
Allie is adjusting to a new home, school and friends.  Unfortunately, one girl threatens to beat her up.
3rd-5th grade

Nobody Knew What To Do:  A Story About Bullying.  Becky Ray McCain.  A. Whitman, 2001.
A Young boy is the target of a group of bullies.  No one helps until finally a student decides to tell the teacher.  Helps kids to see that they are not powerless in these types of situations.
Read-aloud K-3rd grade

The Rat and the Tiger. Keiko Kasza.  PaperStar, 1997.
Tiger, because he is bigger, acts the bully and takes advantage of Rat.  Finally Rat stands up for himself.
Read-aloud K-3rd grade

Secret Identity.  Wendelin Van Draanen.  Knopf, 2004.
Tired of being called names by the class bully, a 5th grader invents a new identity
to begin the Revenge of the Nerds.  The first in the Shredderman series.
3rd-5th grade

We Want You to Know:  Kids Talk About Bullying. Deborah Ellis.  Coteau, 2010.
The author interviewed kids ages 9-19 about their experiences.  Excellent resource for opening discussions with kids and teachers.
Read-aloud 4th grade and up

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