New Read-Alouds

These great books will touch the hearts of listeners and readers.

Young Fredle.  Cynthia Voigt.  Knopf, 2011.
A young mouse becomes ill after eating a Peppermint Pattie.  Sick mice are pushed out of the nest to keep the others from getting sick.  Fredle is captured and released outdoors.  He has never been outside before and experiences many perils in trying to find his way home.  There is much to talk about and enjoy in this companion to “Angus and Sadie.”
Read-aloud 3rd-5th grade

A Boy Called Dickens.  Deborah Hopkinson.  Random House, 2012.
This story is based on incidents in the dismal childhood of Charles Dickens.  His father, mother and three siblings spent time in debtors prison while 12 year old Charles worked 10 hour days in a factory.  He was a great storyteller and dreamed of being a writer. He observed many people on the streets of London who became the characters in his books.  He kept his childhood secret for many years.  It is definitely a story worth telling and Hopkinson does it beautifully.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud 3rd-5th grade


The One and Only Ivan.  Katherine Applegate.  Harper, 2012.
Based on a true story, Ivan, a silverback gorilla tells the story of his life in captivity at The Big Top Mall.  Ivan is a friend tot he other animals there, including elephants Stella and Ruby and Bob the dog.  Ivan creates art and through his art and a connection with Julia, a human child, is able to draw attention to the neglect and deplorable conditions in which the animals live.  A powerful story, beautifully told in short chapters of poetic prose.  Highly recommended.
Read-aloud 3rd-7th grade

The One and Only Stuey Lewis: Stories from the Second Grade.  Jane Schoenberg.  Farrar Straus Giroux, 2011.
In these 4 short stories, Stuey faces many challenges including overcoming his fear of reading, learns to love soccer, makes friends with a girl and plans a clever Halloween trick.  Humorous and relatable.
Read-aloud 2nd-3rd grade



Tashi and the Tibetan Flower Cure.  Naomi C. Rose.  Lee & Low Books, 2011.
When her grandfather becomes ill, Tashi learns about the traditional Tibetan Flower Cure (a pollen treatment).  Though they live in America, far from Tibet, going to a local nursery helps over time.  A wonderful multicultural story that shows the power of friendship and positive thinking.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud 1st-4th grade
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