Point of View

Try these great titles with strong points of view to support your Language Arts Common Core curriculum.

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Back of the Bus.  Aaron Reynolds.  Philomel, 2010.
Sitting in the back of the bus, a black child and his mother watch the arrest of Rosa Parks.  Written from the child’s point of view, we feel his uncertainty when he repeatedly asks his mother if they are doing something wrong.  We also feel his sense of strength
he acquires from witnessing this event.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud 1st-4th grade



Every Day’s a Dog’s Day : A Year in Poems.  Marilyn Singer.  Dial, 2012.
A charming collection of short poems taking us through seasons and holidays, from various dog’s point of view.  Picture Book
Read-aloud K-2nd grade




Spunky Tells All.  Ann Cameron.  Farrar, Straus Goroux, 2011.
This story about Julian and his brother Huey is told from the dog’s point of view.  Spunky understands humans most of the time and wishes they would learn to speak dog.  Thinking Spunky needs a playmate, the family adopts a cat.  Humorous and poignant.
Read-aloud 3rd-5th grade



The Seven Dwarfs.  Etienne Delessert.   Creative Editions, 2001.
Stepane tells how all the dwarfs lives were changed when they tried to rescue Snow White from her wicked stepmother.  After attending her wedding and being invited to live in the palace, the dwarfs decide that is not the life for them.  Long Picture Book.
Read-aloud 3rd-6th grade



Shadow.  Michael Morpurgo.  Feiwel and Friends, 2012.
Fourteen year old Matt and Aman have been friends for six years.  That is when Aman and his mother made a daring escape to England from a life of brutality in Afghanistan. They are now imprisoned and are facing being returned to Afghanistan.  Shadow, the sniffer-dog (trained to smell bombs and land mines) plays an important role.  A timely and emotional story told from 3 different points of view.
Read-aloud 5th-8th grade



Who Stole Mona Lisa?  Ruthie Knapp.  Bloomsbury, 2010.
Cleverly told from the point of view of the painting itself, this picture book will help children understand why it is the world’s most famous painting.  And what a life she has had!  Picture Book.
Read-aloud 2nd-4th grade



Wonder.  R.J. Palacio.  Knopf, 2012.
Auggie is a smart and plucky 10 year old who was born with a misshapen head and disfigured face.  His parents decide that it is time for him to stop being home schooled and enroll him in 5th grade at a private school in Manhattan.  Each chapter is told from the viewpoint of one of the characters and all of the characters grow as the story progresses.  The story is well written and told realistically with much to discuss.
Read-aloud 4th-7th grade
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