New Read-Alouds for a New Year

“No two persons ever read the same book.”  Edmund Wilson

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Each Kindness.  Jacqueline Woodson.  Nancy Paulsen Books, 2012.
Maya is a new girl in Ms. Albert’s class.  She wears old clothes and plays with old fashioned toys.  she tries to join in, but Chloe and her friends reject her repeatedly.
One day, Ms. Albert teaches a lesson on the ripple effect of small kindnesses.  Unfortunately, Maya has moved, leaving Chloe with remorse and regret.  A powerful, straightforward, unsentimental story.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud 2nd-5th grade


Shadow.  Michael Morpurgo.  Feiwel and Friends, 2012.
Fourteen year old Matt and Aman have been friends for six years.  that is when Aman and his mother made a daring escape to England from a life of brutality in Afghanistan.
They are now imprisoned and are facing being returned to Afghanistan.  Shadow, the sniffer-dog (trained to smell bombs and land mines) plays an important role.  A timely and emotional story told from 3 different points of view.
Read-aloud 5th-8th grade

Three Times Lucky.  Sheila Turnage.  Dial, 2012.
Eleven year old Mo still longs to find her “upstream mother” (birth mother) who sent her floating downriver in a storm while she was an infant.  She learns the true meaning of family when times get tough following a murder in their small North Carolina town.  Full of humor, suspense and quirky characters.  Delightful!
Read-aloud 4th-6th grade


“Who Could That Be at This Hour?”  Lemony Snicket.  Little Brown, 2012.
Thirteen-year-old Lemony Snicket begins his apprenticeship in a secret organization
and his first assignment to help solve the mystery of a missing statue.  The first in a new series.  Wacky, quirky, funny and charming.
Read-aloud 4th-6th grade
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