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Browse for books to support your Curriculum Topics in Read Aloud Fun. These books are recommended for the 3rd – 4th grade level.

It’s Read-Aloud Time!

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More Great Read-Alouds for Your 3rd and 4th Graders

These books are sure to make your kids laugh and think and respond. Once Upon a Royal Superbaby.  Kevin O’Malley.  Walker & Company, 2010. Follow-up to Once Upon a Cool […]

New Read-Alouds

These great books will touch the hearts of listeners and readers.      

Read Aloud, Gather a Crowd

Here you will find a great variety of books to delight your 3rd and 4th graders.

Read-Aloud, 3-4th Grade

Thank You, Miss Doover. Robin Pulver.  Holiday House, 2010. Miss Doover’s class is learning about writing thank-you letters and the art of revising. Full of humor for kids and adults, […]

Read-Alouds With Heart

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Read-Alouds Your Students Will Sit Still For

This baker’s dozen selection will liven up your read-aloud time with true stories, humor, poetry and mystery.                

Take Me Out to the Ballgame! Books About Baseball : America’s Favorite Sport!


Top Ten Picks from 2011

Who gets kudos and awards for the best children’s books of the year are always fun to debate and often hard to predict.  Below you will find top ten picks […]