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Browse for books to support your Curriculum Topics for Literary Devices & Text Features. These books are recommended for the 5th – 6th grade level.

Allegory in Picture Books

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Alliteration : An Absolutely Amazing Assortment!

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Books for Teaching Inference, 5-6th grades

INFERENCE:   Drawing reasonable conclusions based upon limited clues presented. These great books are tried and true by many teachers and are effective for teaching inference as well as being excellent […]

Exaggeration/Tall Tales

“Just ‘cause it’s a tall tale don’t mean it ain’t true.”  Jonas Hackett (Pecos Bill) Your kids will delight in the tales told in these picture books!       […]

Good Beginnings

I have chosen a great variety of books that have great beginnings.  The read-aloud ages I have suggested are for reading the book in it’s entirety.  If you are just […]


Try these great pictures books for teaching your kids about idioms. The Cat’s Pajamas.  Wallace Edwards.  Kids Can Press, 2010. This elaborately illustrated picture book shows the literal meaning of […]


Two unlike objects compared similarly by substituting one for the other as, for example, when a beautiful cat is called “eye candy.”  Here are 15 titles I recommend for teaching […]

More Alliterative Fun

    These books will tickle a few funny bones and capture imaginations.  

More Personification

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These useful titles will make teaching this literary device easy! Your comments, suggestions and questions are always welcome.  Please subscribe above to be notified of new postings. The House Takes […]