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Some of you may be interested in taking the 2 distance learning classes I offer through The Innovative Northwest Teacher (TINT).
These are 3 quarter credit continuing education classes with credit from Portland State University.  Go to the link below and click on the Distance Classes tab for more information.


Biography in the Elementary Curriculum

This class is for K-6 teachers who want to explore using biographies to enhance student learning in a variety of subject areas.  Common Core Standards, with their emphasis on informational texts include biographies as one type of literary nonfiction.  A wealth of fantastic biographies have bee written for children in the last ten years.  Biography is a genre that can support many areas of the curriculum including, history, art, life skills/character education, multicultural studies, and genre study in literature and writing curriculum.  In this course you will discover many great biographies to support your curriculum.

Updating Your Read-Alouds

Reading aloud to students is an important component of a balanced literacy program.  It broadens student understanding of written language, demonstrates fluency and helps students learn comprehension skills. Perhaps most importantly, it helps establish a desire to read.

In this class for K-6 teachers, you will learn to identify the qualities and characteristics of good read-alouds and how to identify them in a variety of genres. Strategies & techniques for reading aloud effectively will be covered. You will become familiar with recently published titles as well as print and web resources for evaluating them.

Judy Freeman’s Books Kids Will Sit Still For 3 is a great resource.

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