Great New Read-Alouds for a New Year: 2013


These ten books will liven up your read-aloud time!

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The Ant and the Grasshopper.  Rebecca and Ed Emberley.  Roaring Brook Press, 2012.
In this retelling of the Aesop fable, a jazz band (homage to New Orleans) of insects helps ant complete her heavy task.  The bright paper collage insects can nearly jump right off the page.  Joyful and exuberant.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud K-2nd grade

Charley’s First Night.  Amy Hest.  Candlewick, 2012.
Henry brings home a puppy he finds in the snow.  His parents are very clear on how they expect Henry to take care of Charley, including that he would be sleeping in the kitchen.  When Charley cries in the night, Henry tries to comfort him and eventually takes him to his bedroom where they both sleep snuggly.  Helen Oxenbury’s artwork
provides many “aww” moments.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud K-2nd grade

Find a Cow Now!  Janet Stevens.  Holiday House, 2012.
When Dog isn’t napping, he wreaks havoc in the house.  Bird suggests that he go to the country and find a cow.  He has quite an adventure before returning home!  Funny and sweet.  Superb illustrations, as always, by Susan Stevens Crummel.
Read-aloud K-1st grade

Hans My Hedgehog: a Tale from the Brothers Grimm.  Atheneum, 2012.
Be careful what you wish for!  The farmer and his wife wanted a child so badly, even if he was half hedgehog…and that’s what they got.  Hans had a hard time being excepted, even though he was a talented musician.  It took a kind-hearted princess to break the spell.  The old-fashioned feel of the illustrations capture the whimsy and message of the story.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud K-3rd grade


Little Cub.  Olivier Dunrea.  Philomel, 2012.
Little Cub is all alone and often hungry.  Old Bear is alone and grumpy.  When the two meet,they find they are just what the other needed.  Charming in every way.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud K-2nd grade


Noni the Pony.  Alison Lester.  Beach Lane Books, 2012.
Noni loves being a nurturing, caring friend to her animal companions.  Rhyming couplets flow smoothly.  The artwork is simple and charming.  Picture Book
Read-aloud K-1st grade


Ralph Tells a Story.  Abby Hanlon.  Amazon Children’s Pub., 2012.
Many students can relate to Ralph’s struggle to find something interesting to write about, even though his teacher says there are stories everywhere.  It takes a classmate asking all the right questions for Ralph to find.  The end of the book shows Ralph’s Writing Tips.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud 1st-3rd grade

The Three Ninja Pigs.  Corey Rosen Schwartz.  Putnam, 2012.
These pigs – two brothers and a sister – are trained in various martial arts in hopes of defeating a house destroying wolf in their town.  It is the sister pig who becomes highly skilled in karate who saves the day.  The rhyming text reads aloud well.  The action packed illustrations will keep kids riveted.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud K-2nd grade


Too Tall Houses.  Gianna Marino.  Viking, 2012.
Rabbit and Owl live happily next to each other.  When rabbit’s garden grows tall, it blocks Owl’s view of the forest.  Soon, the two friends begin trying to build their house taller than the other’s.  It takes a disaster to help them solve the problem.  Picture Book
Read-aloud K-2nd grade


What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?  Debi Gliori.  Walker, 2012.
Various fairy tale characters pester Mr. Wolf all day long asking him what time it is.  When he arrives home at last, there is a surprise birthday party waiting for him.  The artwork is delightful even if the story is a bit predictable.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud K-1st grade
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