Winter Fun!


Add these great titles to last year’s post to enrich your Winter themes.


Bedtime for Bear.  Brett Helquist.  Harper, 2011.
His raccoon friends make such a ruckus playing in the snow that Bear can’t sleep.  When he comes out to chase them away, he trips and falls down a hill.  It was so much fun that they all continued to play in the snow.  After all, they won’t see each other again til spring.  Nothing new story wise, but the illustrations make this a joyful treat.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud K-1st grade

No Two Alike.  Keith Baker.  Beach Lane Books, 2011.
Two red birds having fun on a snowy winter day discover that no two things are exactly alike: snowflakes, branches, leaves, roads, houses, bridges, fences, themselves.  Charming digital illustrations will encourage kids to explore their own environments.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud K-1st grade

Perfect Snow.  Barbara Reid.  Albert Whitman, 2011.
Neighbors Scott and Jim are excited about the first snowfall.  One plans to build a fort, the other a team of snowmen.  They merge their projects and the whole school gets involved during recess.  Overnight the perfect snowed begins to melt in the rain and the boys plan fun in the slush.  Delightful, exuberant illustrations.  Picture Book.
Read-aloud K-3rd grade

Red Sled.  Patricia Thomas.  Boyds Mills, Press, 2008.
A boy and his father have a wonderful time sledding on a winter night.  This story poem is clever and told in just 70 words.  The style is inspired by an ancient form of writing called chiasmus which “creates a kind of mirror image, with thoughts, words, or even word sounds flowing toward a center point, then reversing to reflect that order as it reaches the end.”  Sounds more complicated than it is.  Thomas uses lots of rhyming pairs like “Sad lad.  Sad dad.  Fat hat.  Knit mitt.”  Picture Book.
Read-aloud K-1st grade
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